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Crazy For Pleats … Continued

Ok so, after the last post,  I got busy sewing a dozen pleated clutches, and ironing those pleats over and over so they would stay in place and fall nicely. once I finished putting together the pleated exteriors with the flaps and linings, I felt a great sense of accomplishment ( especially since I managed to stab myself only 5 times in the process.

But after looking at them, I must say I felt a little disappointed, the pleats were nice but something wasn’t working for me. And then I figured that the proportions were off, the clutch was too long for its height :

Shorter version

So I decided to play around with the bags a bit and figured it would look better two pleats instead of three on each side. So now, back to work, taking them apart and recutting them to the smaller size! I will be posting (better) pictures of the finished pieces soon (hopefully)!

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